Couple's Counseling

  • Communication Issues

  • Fair Fighting
  • Intimacy Issues
  • Recovering from Infidelity and Affairs
  • Premarital Counseling
  • Open Relationships, Triads, Poly-pods
  • Changes in relational structure
  • Parenting Struggles


Individual Therapy

  • Creating goals to live healthy, happy lives
  • Understanding connection between childhood or family experiences and current concerns
  • Life transitions, stages, and changes
  • Managing and reducing stress
  • Exploring thoughts, feelings, beliefs, memories, dreams, and ideas
  • Addressing anxiety and depression
  • Creating and maintaining healthy habits
  • Exploring relational issues

Grief and Loss Therapy

  • Loss of a parent
  • Loss of a partner
  • Loss of a child
  • Complicated grief
  • Perinatal loss

Working With Women

I enjoy working with women on issues related to sex, gender, sexuality, religion/spirituality, and more. My work with women specifically centers around  managing expectations, eliminating self-doubt, and reducing negative self-talk.If you are struggling in your relationships, your career, or with your goals and values, consider making an appointment with me. Together, we can explore aspects of your life that are a barrier to you being your best self.




Next Steps...

Schedule a free, 15-minute phone consultation with me to discuss your needs further and to determine if we can be a good fit for each other.